Online Counseling in Washington State

Are you having trouble finding time for counseling?

Life gets hectic, and it’s easy to run out of time for some of the things that matter most. If you’re interested in attending therapy but can’t seem to find the time in your schedule, we understand. 

To meet our clients' needs who are busy just like you, we proudly offer secure, convenient online therapy sessions. 

Although we offered online counseling long before 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for our teletherapy services continues to increase dramatically. We’re proud to continue offering our online counseling sessions to make your life easier and make getting quality mental health services more accessible than ever before. 

We invite you to continue reading to discover more about the services our team here at Thrive Counseling Center can provide for you and your family. To schedule an online counseling appointment in Washington, please contact us today by calling (206) 567-7267 or texting us at (206) 659-1153

Who is online counseling right for? 

You do not have to meet a specific set of criteria to qualify for teletherapy. Online counseling is right for just about everyone who wants to meet with a professional counselor and cannot meet in person or would prefer to meet remotely. In our increasingly digital and remote world, counseling from the comfort of home is an excellent treatment option. hand touching a tablet before online counseling

Our clients come from all different backgrounds and have many different goals for attending counseling. 

In addition to other circumstances, online therapy is the perfect choice for our clientele who:

  • Have a hectic or full schedule and find making it to yet another appointment challenging
  • Don’t want to deal with the added time it takes to drive to therapy
  • Are on the road frequently but still want to get the support and benefits of counseling
  • Do not have quality or consistent childcare
  • Struggle with significant anxiety or fear about traveling to our office setting
  • Live with a disability that prevents them from getting into the office for regular therapy
  • Live a great distance away from quality counseling services
  • Never considered attending counseling before the coronavirus pandemic, but now struggle with increased anxiety, depression, fear, or isolation

The best part of our virtual therapy sessions is that you can choose to participate from wherever you’re most comfortable. Online therapy allows you to attend your sessions from your couch, your car, your kitchen table, or your home office, and you can fit us in during your lunch break or in the evenings when you have more downtime. 

How do telehealth counseling services work?

With online counseling, you can expect the same overall experience as you would if you were present in the office with us. You will still have full-length sessions as frequently as you choose—the only thing that really changes is your location.

woman talking on phone during online counseling sessionThanks to the convenient online platform we use, we are excited to now offer the same quality support and services that we offer in our physical location with our online clientele.

Think Skype, but with much better connectivity and a security system to protect your privacy. All it takes is a computer, smartphone, or iPad/tablet with a camera, microphone, and speakers, and you’ve got what you need to schedule a counseling appointment! 

Your personal information is always secure, and you’ll spend each digital session in a private, virtual “room” that only you and your licensed counselor have access to. 

What are the benefits of virtual therapy? 

We are available for individual and marriage/couples therapy sessions with increased day, evening, and weekend availability and hours. We can frequently schedule you on the same day you contact us, or typically at least within 24 hours.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many clients would vary the frequency of their online counseling services. For example, some of our clients would utilize online counseling if there was a week they were out of town or something came up that prevented them from getting into the Federal Way office, and they didn’t want to miss their appointment for that week.

To maintain appropriate social distancing standards during the COVID-19 outbreak, we temporarily moved all our counseling sessions to our telehealth platform. We offer virtual therapy only at this time until we can safely meet together again. And with our online counseling, you still receive all the wonderful services you did in person before the pandemic. 

Some of the benefits of online therapy with us include:

  • Working with the same highly skilled and experienced therapists we have in our office
  • Getting the support you want when you need it, most often within the next 24 hours
  • Feeling like therapy is easy and convenient — you don’t have to deal with travel, traffic, or waiting rooms
  • Providing increased independence for our teen clients
  • Saving you time and money
  • Squeezing therapy into your busy schedule, such as on a break at work, while your kids are napping, during the evening after you’ve gotten home and eaten dinner, or on the weekend when you normally wouldn’t want to give up time to drive

Our clients love that they get to fit counseling into their already full schedules. Virtual mental health counseling typically cuts the average appointment time by about 50% because you do not have to commute, wait, or worry if people are running behind. 

We have clients who can get the support they need and fit it into their workday. We have other clients who can schedule their sessions for after their kids go to sleep, alleviating the need for childcare. Other clients appreciate working with us even if their work keeps them on the road and away from the metro area. older woman using a tablet during online therapy

For some clients, the logistics or just the anxiety or coming into the office used to prevent them from getting the help they need, but now online counseling opens up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Online mental health counseling is the perfect answer to all of these challenges and more. We are also excited to offer our online counseling sessions to clients who may live in areas where the distance or the lack of qualified professionals get in the way of connecting with quality therapy services. To meet with a therapist online, you don’t have to live in Federal Way, Auburn, Tacoma, or Des Moines—if you’re interested in therapy with our counseling office, we’ll find a way to make it work! 

Is online counseling more expensive than in-person counseling? 

No! Continuing to meet with your therapist online (or starting counseling for the first time via our virtual platform) will not change the cost of your appointments. We do not charge more for online sessions or the use of any video conference software. 

Here at Thrive Counseling Center, we continue to accept the same private insurance plans and charge the same private pay fees.

If you have specific questions about our fee schedule, please call us at (206) 567-7267, and we’ll be happy to help. 

Are you in Washington and interested in online counseling? Contact us!

We can offer online counseling to anyone who currently lives in Washington State. Whether you’re looking for individual counseling, couples counseling, or family therapy sessions, we have a team of professionals who can work with you.

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