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Is online counseling effective?

Close up of cell phone with keyboard in backgroundAt our counseling practice, we believe that yes, online counseling is very effective for most people. 

In fact, for some clients who are anxious about the thought of meeting face-to-face with a counselor or who don’t have time to commute to our office, online counseling is the only way they’re able to get the treatment they need. 

Online Counseling in Auburn

We offer online counseling in Auburn to any interested clients, whether they are current or prospective. Some of the benefits of our digital therapy include:

  • Greater flexibility to work around your schedule
  • No sitting in traffic or spending money on gas to travel
  • E-meeting with your counselor when you have shorter bursts of time, like during your lunch break or while your child is napping
  • The option for you to attend your sessions anywhere you have an internet connection 

When you participate in virtual therapy sessions, you benefit from the informality of the meetings. Our online counseling in Auburn allows you to meet from the comfort of your own home or another place you feel safe and to attend your sessions in a way that’s best for you. This could mean anything from wearing cozy sweatpants to having a soothing candle nearby— whatever will help you relax and get the most out of your time. 

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