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Online Counseling in Our Federal Way, WA Office

Are You Having Trouble Finding Time for Counseling?

To meet the needs of our busy clients, we proudly offer secure, convenient online counseling sessions.

Online counseling is the PERFECT CHOICE for our clientele who:

  • Have a hectic or full schedule and find making it to yet another appointment challenging
  • Don’t want to deal with the added time it takes to drive to therapy
  • Are on the road frequently, but still want to get the support and benefits of counseling
  • Do not have quality or consistent childcare
  • Struggle with significant anxiety or fear about traveling to our office setting
  • Live with a disability that prevents them from getting into the office regular counseling
  • Lives a great distance away from quality counseling services


Online Counseling Federal Way WA

We are excited to now be able to offer the same quality support and services that we offer in the office with our online clientele.

Think Skype, but with much better connectivity, and a security system (to protect your privacy) on steroids. All it takes is a computer, smartphone, or iPad/tablet with a camera, microphone, and speakers and you’ve got what you need to schedule an appointment now! 

Don't Let Life Keep You from Getting the Therapy You Need

We are available for individual and marriage/couples counseling sessions with increased day, evening, and weekend availability and hours. We can frequently schedule you on the same day, or most often within 24 hours.

Many of our clients meet with us only using our online counseling services. Some of our clients will utilize online counseling if there is a week they are out of town, or something comes up that prevents them from getting into the office and they don’t want to miss their appointment for that week.

Some of the benefits of online counseling with us include:Federal Way Online Counseling

  • Working with the same highly skilled and experienced therapists we have in our office
  • Getting the support you want right now, most often within the next 24 hours
  • Easy and convenient - you don’t have to deal with travel and traffic
  • Increased independence for our teen clients
  • Saves time and money

Our clients love that they get to fit counseling into their already busy lives.

We have clients who are able to get the support they need and fit it into their work day. We have other clients who are able to schedule their sessions for after their kids go to sleep, alleviating the need for childcare. Other clients appreciate being able to work with us even if their work keeps them on the road. For some clients, the logistics or just the anxiety or coming into the office prevent them from getting the help they need. 

Online counseling is the perfect answer to all of these challenges! We are also excited to be able to offer our online counseling sessions to clients who may live in areas where the distance or the lack of qualified professionals get in the way of connecting with quality counseling services. 

Are You Interested in Online Counseling? Contact Us!

We are able to work with anyone who currently lives in Washington State. You can find more information on some of the therapists you can schedule with here, give us a call or schedule online now.

We specialize in:

Counseling for Individuals

If you are struggling and need support and guidance, we can help you:
  • Navigate a major life decision
  • Figure out how to make the changes you want in your life or relationships but struggle to achieve
  • Move out of depression and/or anxiety and into your life
  • End the struggle with negative relationship patterns (being a people pleaser, finding yourself in toxic relationships, struggling with setting appropriate boundaries)
  • Find more effective ways to manage anger
  • Find success living with Adult Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD/ADD, or a Learning Disability

Counseling for Couples

If you feel like you aren’t getting what you want in your relationship, we can help you:
  • Improve communication to help you and your significant other get on the same page.
  • Rebuild trust and intimacy after an affair or break in trust.
  • Prevent Anxiety, Depression, an Autism Spectrum/Asperger's diagnosis, or ADHD from coming between the two of you.
  • Make the decision to stay or go: when you both want support in evaluating which direction to take in your marriage or relationship.
  • Have Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger’s

Counseling for Children and Teens

Growing up is hard work. We help children and teens who:
  • Feel anxious, or worried all the time.
  • Feel depressed, lonely, or isolated
  • Have a tough time controlling their emotions and the behaviors that result (emotional outbursts, anger, aggression).
  • Struggle socially, or tend to end up in friendships where they are being taken advantage of.
  • Struggle academically and feel overwhelmed and stuck in knowing how to get back on track.
  • Feel overwhelmed with life changes or transitions (divorce, blended family dynamics, a move, or loss of a family member or close friend).
  • Have ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
We also offer support to parents who feel overwhelmed or stuck in figuring out the best steps to take to help their child or teen. When challenges are showing up in school we can also work with your child or teens school on your behalf.
Find the member of our team that is right for you.
Working with an experienced professional can mean feeling:
  • Supported
  • Hopeful
  • Understood
  • More confident
  • Capable of handling challenges in relationships
  • Appreciative of having an advocate and expert on their team
  • That you don’t have to go it alone anymore

There is hope. Are you ready to take the next step?
At our Federal Way counseling center, we can often schedule you the same week you call. With our online counseling platform we can frequently start working with you as soon as the next day.

In order to accommodate the work and school schedules of our clients we have late evening appointments most days of the week.

To take the next step give us a call, send us an email, or schedule your first appointment now through our online scheduling system.

We look forward to working with you.