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How to Help Your Teen Struggling with Mental Health Issues

July 28, 2022
Posted By: Thrive Counseling Center
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Being a teenager isn't easy, especially in a post-pandemic and high-tech world. Managing mental health can be challenging for teenagers and their loved ones. However, we are here to help you and your teen navigate this territory with the utmost sensitivity and compassion.

Here are four tips for how to help your teen struggling with mental health issues

#1 Encourage them to share their feelings. 

Are you checking in with your teen? Do you ask them how their day is going? Simply talking with your teen and encouraging them to share their feelings can invite them to join you in a task or activity. Remind them that you're there for them, no matter what, and that their feelings are valid. A few words of encouragement can work wonders, boost their self-esteem, and make them feel more comfortable sharing with you.

#2 Take the time to support them. 

Supporting your teen is essential, especially if they struggle with mental health issues. Working together and setting up achievable daily goals and routines can help. For example, their goal can be to finish their homework before dinner or take some time to rest and meditate after a long day at school. 

Needing space and time for oneself is a normal and important part of growing up. Adolescence also means independence, so try to give them some time and space to be on their own. Try to find a few ways you can encourage and support your teen to take breaks from schoolwork and housework to do things they enjoy. 

#3 Work together through conflict. 

If your teen feels upset or frustrated, work with them to brainstorm solutions to their problem. Try not to take over and tell them what to do, think, or say. Listen to their views and try to resolve the conflict calmly. Everyone gets stressed, so it's ok for your teen to feel stressed too!

Avoid power struggles and empathize with their desire to assert their control in a scary or uncertain time. Be honest with your teen and show them how to deal with their feelings in a healthy way. When there's conflict, taking time to reflect is also helpful, and you can discuss these reflections with your teen so they can process their ideas. 

#4 Care for yourself. 

Caregivers need time to take care of themselves, too! Showing self-care is an excellent way to model how to take care of yourself for your teen. Don't wait to ask for help if you're overwhelmed; make time for your relationships.

Take time to decompress or do things you enjoy, so you feel re-energized and relaxed. Positive coping strategies can include exercising, chatting with friends, making to-do lists, being creative (e.g., crafting, writing, painting), and more.

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