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How Counseling Can Help Teens

November 13, 2020
Posted By: Thrive Counseling Center
A group of teens dressed in fall clothes standing near fall leaves

No matter which generation you grow up in, there’s a constant that’s always true: the teenage years are hard!

When you’re a teenager, you deal with pressures, influences, and changes in every aspect of your life. Sometimes, dealing with these factors can feel incredibly overwhelming. 

If you’re a teenager or the parent of one, you might consider teen counseling in Federal Way. Attending teen counseling has a whole host of benefits, including improving coping skills and bettering communication. 

We offer counseling sessions of every frequency for teenagers of every age—and whether your family members need to meet with someone every week or only on occasion, we have times that work with your schedule.

Mental Health Issues Counseling Can Help

Teenagers often struggle with mental illness challenges such as depression, generalized anxiety, and focus problems—even if they don’t have a formal diagnosis. Counseling is typically very effective at treating these problems and providing a support system for teens who really need someone to talk to. 

Our teen counseling in Federal Way can help you or your child manage:

  • Changes in behavior or extreme mood swings
  • Feelings of panic or constant worry
  • Common symptoms of depression, such as losing interest in social events or hobbies
  • Social challenges and struggles to make friends or fit in
  • Disagreements with parents and family members 
  • Learning or developmental disabilities
  • Hardships posed by life changes like divorce, remarriage, or moving

Everyone experiences a bad day here and there, and it’s normal to feel anxious or burned out occasionally. If, however, you or your child is regularly struggling to get through the days, it’s time to speak with a caring, licensed counselor. 

Finding the Right Fit in Federal Way

Here at Thrive Counseling Center, we have a diverse group of counseling professionals on staff. We know that every client will have a different personality and that not every counselor is the right fit, so we’ll work with you to find the therapist who is the best match for your family.

If you’re interested in starting teen counseling in Federal Way, the first step is to call us at (206) 567-7267 so we can complete an intake and suggest who we recommend working with.

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