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Elizabeth (Liz) Huynh, MSW, LICSW, CMHS



Location: Virtual Appointments Only

Ages: Children, Teens, Adults

Specializes in: Austism, ADHD, Anxiety, Loss/Grief, Life Transitions, Trauma/PTSD

Language(s): English

Elizabeth (to us she is Liz!) is a fabulously no-nonsense, direct therapist who is loved by her child and adult clients alike. Working with Liz means diving right into finding new skills and strategies to help you through the places you are feeling stuck in your life, relationships, or with your kids. Using a strengths-based approach, Liz will meet you where you are, help assess what’s working for you, what’s not, and how to use your strengths to more effectively manage the places that are harder for you.

While Liz does do individual work with her child and teen clients, she also believes firmly in the importance of family/parental involvement in the counseling process. The more she can help everyone in your child’s life get on the same page, the better the potential outcomes that can be expected. If this means additionally working with your child/teen’s school, Liz is always open to providing wrap-around support to get your kids the support they need. The more everyone is on the same page utilizing the same strategies across different environments, the better!

Some of the “theoretical approaches” Liz uses include CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and Solution-Focused Therapy. She believes that the goal of the work in sessions is to be able to generalize to situations outside of sessions. This means that she will be giving you things to work on, focus on, and practice during the time between your appointments.  

Some of the things Liz frequently hears from her clients (and their parents):

“Help, my kid is failing in school/getting sent home for behavioral issues”

With Liz’s help, you and your child will learn essential skills of emotion regulation, impulse control, and will build on critical self-esteem. Liz will help you understand and address the underlying factors that are so often at play when kids are struggling at school. As a goal, Liz aims to help you generalize what you learn in the office outside of the office. That includes help and support for how to carry over new understandings, skills, and strategies to the classroom.

“My child/teen is struggling socially and/or getting bullied (or is bullying others), and I don’t know what to do”

Children on both ends of this challenging dynamic need help. If your child is the one who is struggling to make friends socially, Liz will help you identify what normative social development would look like, and help your child/teen in figuring out the complex maze of friendships and relationships. Making friends might come easy for some, but more often than not, kids really struggle to know how to make friends, and even more importantly, how to keep friends. Liz can help your child with their social skills, and can help you in knowing how, when, and when not to coach from the sidelines!

“I feel like I don’t know how to communicate with my child/teen”

If you feel like you need some support in knowing how to speak with your kids so that they understand, Liz may be the therapist for you. She will also help you easily identify which battles to choose, and how to be more effective at navigating those that you do engage in. All too often in the role of parenting, we can get stuck in the rut of reacting instead of responding. Liz will help you develop the capacity to have intentional and well thought out responses to your children that help you have peace of mind around your parenting, and help your children get the best of you. Liz will support you in learning how to empower your child/teen with effective communication skills and strategies that will benefit them throughout their lifetime.

“My child/teen is really struggling with anxiety and/or depression”

When children become overly worried, anxious, or withdrawn, it’s time to consider coming in for some support. Liz can help your child or teen uncover what’s really at the root of these dynamics.  She can then support your child/teen (and you) in finding more effective coping strategies, and ways to move into a more engaged and confident relationship with their world. With Liz at their side, your child/teen will have an ally to navigate the often bumpy road of childhood, life transitions, and teen years. 

Support for Adults

In addition to her work with kids, parents, and their families, Liz also works with individual adults struggling with anxiety, depression, or those who are needing support through life’s big transitions.  

Together, you will tackle the work of identifying what works and what doesn’t work. Additionally, Liz may help you take inventory of what is even important to you at this time of your life (because these things change!). She will help you find new ways to figure out the areas that you keep getting stumped by, and what you can do differently in the present and future to move in a direction that is more in line with who you are now.  

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