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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Family Counseling & Parenting Support

How can we help you?

At Thrive Counseling Center we strive to be transparent about the process of counseling.

We know that counseling is something that a lot of people feel hesitant to talk about, and resistant to share their experiences, which can lead to confusion and a lot of unknowns about the process. Especially if this is your first time considering working with a therapist.

Our goal is to demystify the counseling process and help you understand how counseling works.  

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked and some answers to get you started.  If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by email, or give us a call. 

Family Counseling & Parenting Support

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. Your goals will primarily determine the length or number of sessions of counseling in Federal Way. Some goals take longer than others to achieve. 

Let’s see if we can break it down for you a little more…

The patterns or dynamics you are struggling with now didn’t happen overnight. Chances are you have been feeling this way for some time, or have struggled with a challenge for a while.

Profile of man staring off into distanceIt doesn’t take as long to discover new options and heal as it took to get to where you are now, but we can’t change everything in a week or two. 

Number of Counseling Sessions in Federal Way

Typically, we will recommend a minimum investment of 6-8 sessions to really make headway with what you are struggling with. After that, we continue for as long as counseling at our Federal Way office feels useful in helping you meet your goals.  

Contact Our Federal Way Counseling Office Today

Have more questions about if counseling might be helpful for you? Please give us a call at 206-567-7267, or send us an email. We are always happy and determined to help you reach your goals, and we welcome any questions you may have. 

Are you ready to begin?

Just as you have a medical doctor who helps you protect your body and who can care for you when you get sick, you can also have a team of mental health professionals on your side to help you care for your mind. 

Importance of Mental Healthwoman getting counseling from female therapist

Keeping yourself mentally healthy is just as important as keeping yourself physically healthy, and a mental health counselor in Federal Way, WA can assist you if you’re struggling.

Mental health counselors, also known as therapists, can:

  • Provide a safe space where you can discuss sensitive issues in your life or seek help when you are struggling 
  • Offer counseling services for couples and families in addition to individuals 
  • Help you learn healthier, more effective ways to manage your stress or cope with challenges in your life 
  • Create a sense of accountability for your behaviors if you’re struggling and want to get back on track 
  • Validate the way you are feeling and help you process your emotions more productively 

Counseling professionals get into their line of work because they genuinely care about people and their wellbeing. Our mental health counselors in Federal Way are licensed, trained individuals who want to help you get into a better headspace and improve your quality of life.

Contact Our Federal Way Therapy Office

If you have questions about counseling in Federal Way or are curious about how seeing a therapist might help you, please call us at Thrive Counseling Center by dialing (206) 567-7267 today!

Our licensed counselors at Thrive Counseling in Federal Way practice various approaches to therapy, including attachment-focused therapy.

Developed by British psychologist John Bowlby in the 1960s, attachment-based therapy focuses on building or rebuilding a supportive, trusting relationship to prevent or treat depression or anxiety.

Attachment-Focused Therapy Explained

Essentially, an attachment-based approach explores the link between a child's early attachment experiences with a primary caregiveror primary caregiversand the child’s ability to create emotionally and physically healthy relationships. 

A primary caregiver is necessary for a child’s life. It provides the support and security a child needs to explore, learn from new experiences, interact with their environment, and connect with others. Forming a trusting relationship with a parental figure or therapist can help a client form strong bonds in other relationships in their life. Attachment-focused therapy can be used in combination with other forms of counseling.  

Counseling Near Me

If you’re looking for a counselor in or around the Federal Way area, please contact Thrive Counseling Center today. We are here to help you live an emotionally healthier, more meaningful life! 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a specialized therapy approach that focuses on restructuring unhelpful, unhealthy, and untrue thoughts.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) aims to help individuals in counseling identify how their actions, thoughts, and emotions intertwine and how these aspects can greatly affect how they feel about themselves and the world around them.

How does CBT work?

CBT is incredibly popular with therapists around the world. The root of this behavioral therapy is to recognize unhelpful behavior patterns—because when we learn to change our negative thoughts and challenge untrue assumptions, we become happier and improve our quality of life.

CBT is a form of “talking therapy” where an individual works one-on-one with a counselor to change behaviors and thought patterns. CBT does not typically focus on the past or previous life traumas—rather, it seeks to help the individual move forward and have more hope about the future.

What types of problems can CBT help with or improve?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy in Federal Way can help you if you’re struggling with any of the following:

  • Negative “self-talk” or habitually being unkind to yourself
  • Generalized anxiety
  • OCD
  • Relationship problems 
  • Insomnia
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Fear and phobias
  • Coping with grief 
  • Work-related stress

If you’re interested in trying cognitive-behavioral counseling in Federal Way, please contact our team today!

During family therapy, licensed family therapists meet with every family member, including children, to help address issues that one or more family members are facing. 

Family Therapy in Federal Way

Family therapy seeks to treat an individual's problems or concerns by looking at how that individual fits into a larger family unit and how the structure, communication, and dynamics within that unit influence and affect the individual.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy describes how an individual attending therapy is also embedded in larger, more complex family relationships. For this reason, many family therapists in Federal Way will choose to incorporate family therapy as part of an individual’s unique treatment plan in addition to maintaining individual therapy sessions. 

Family Therapy Sessions

Traditionally, a family will participate in fewer therapy sessions overall than a single individual does. Because these group counseling sessions are more brief and specific than “classic” one-on-one therapy, it’s often easier to get to the root of problems and achieve solutions more quickly.

At Thrive Counseling Center, we offer family counseling in addition to parenting support and couples counseling. No matter your family unit's needs, we can help you grow stronger and closer together by working with our licensed family therapists in Auburn, WA. 

Mother, father, and daughter smiling Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your child’s behaviors or by your responsibilities as a parent? If so, you are not alone. 

As a solution to this problem, we offer parenting support in Federal Way, WA in the form of parental counseling. Parental counseling exists to provide parents with the emotional and mental tools they need to thrive. Being a parent is tough work, and we believe in supporting parents along their journey in any way we can. 

Benefits of Parental Counseling

You could benefit from parental counseling if you often feel overwhelmed by your child’s behaviors or find yourself struggling to know how to best support your child. Parental counseling teaches essential skills, such as:

  • Communicating with teenage children
  • Knowing how to help a child during a crisis or challenge 
  • Parenting when your child has an emotional or physical disability 
  • Working alongside your spouse or partner to parent equally between you 

There is no shame in attending parental counseling sessions. Hundreds of families have turned to our parenting support in Federal Way when they were struggling—and your family can benefit, too! 

Contact Our Federal Way Office

If you are a parent, and you want to strengthen your relationship with your spouse and your children, we recommend parental counseling. Call our Federal Way office today at (206) 567-7267 to get started on your journey toward more effective parenting techniques!

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