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How do I know if my teen needs counseling?

teen girl sitting dock while troubledAs a parent, it’s only natural to worry about your child or children. If you have a teenager who’s been struggling or not acting like themselves recently, you might be considering therapy services and getting them the professional help they need. 

Knowing when to be genuinely concerned about your teen is challenging. Teenagers are notoriously moody, so how do you know if what your teen is experiencing is “just a phase” or cause for more serious concern?

Signs Your Child Might Be Struggling

The following signs are typically reliable indicators that your child is struggling with a deeper issue than just “average teenage angst” and that they could potentially benefit from professional counseling:

  • Signs of self-harm or talk of suicide 
  • Performing uncharacteristically poorly in school; a dramatic shift in academic performance
  • Struggles with tobacco, drugs, or alcohol
  • Increased isolation or withdrawal from social groups, friends, or family members
  • Physical outbursts or tantrums; extreme difficulty dealing with negative emotions

If you have concerns about your child and would like to learn more about teen counseling in Federal Way, our therapists are standing by ready to help. We specialize in working with struggling teens and can provide the support, structure, stability, and resources needed to deal with life in a healthier, more productive way.

Contact Our Federal Way Counseling Office

Even if you only suspect that your teenager might need to work with a therapist, feel free to contact us at any time to get more information. 

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