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Which areas are focused on during neurodiverse counseling of children?

At Thrive Counseling Center, we aim to create a supportive environment for neurodiverse clients so they feel welcome, safe, respected, and heard––a place they feel like they belong. As therapists, we strive to help our clients facilitate growth instead of direct or demand it. 

young boy swinging on swingsWe are here to help them realize their potential and help them use their abilities and talents to support themselves. These tools can help them identify their strengths to build insight, live a meaningful life, and thrive. 

Experienced, Licensed Therapists 

Our licensed therapists can help neurodiverse children reach their full potential through destigmatization, inclusion, and targeted therapies. We give neurodiverse children the opportunity to express themselves and their needs.

We may also engage in play therapy and other inclusive, affirming approaches. We focus on their behavior, communication, ways of expressing and being, and what makes them unique as growing people with budding personalities and perspectives. Our primary goal is cultivating trust and positive relationships so your child can live a happier life as their most authentic self. 

Supportive Neurodiversity Counseling in Federal Way 

Thrive Counseling Center offers neurodiverse counseling for children. Please contact us today to schedule your child’s consultation with one of our licensed therapists in Federal Way. 

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