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What to Expect When a Child Goes to Therapy

January 28, 2022
Posted By: Thrive Counseling Center
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Therapy isn’t just for solving problems; it’s a healthy way to communicate your feelings and better understand yourself as a person and how you interact with those around you. Countless people benefit from therapy, including children.

Our Approach to Child Counseling 

Children have different ways of understanding and communicating their feelings. As therapists, we aim to create a safe space where our clients feel comfortable and free to engage in a beneficial way. With each child or teen, we meet them on their level and use language they can understand and relate to as individuals. 

We support and praise our young clients as they learn, and we help kids believe in themselves and discover their strengths. Therapy helps build helpful thinking patterns and healthy behavioral habits for children and adults alike. 

What to Expect in a Child Counseling Session

Depending on the child’s age and unique situation, we may meet with the child and parent together or meet with the child one-on-one. The therapist may also meet with parents to offer ideas and tips for helping their child at home. 

When we first meet, we talk to you and your child, ask questions, and listen. Doing this helps us learn more about your child, their specific needs, and therapy goals. 

During each therapy visit, your child may do the following:

  • Talk and share. Talking and sharing are healthy ways to express feelings. We talk with kids and give them the space and freedom to share so they can practice putting their feelings into words instead of actions. Listening and communicating without judgment also builds trust and mutual respect. 
  • Engage in creative and playful activities. Therapists often use activities to teach coping skills and explore feelings. We may draw, play, and practice mindfulness as a way to learn and connect. 
  • Practice new skills. We help kids practice what they learn by playing games where they have to wait their turn, be patient, follow directions, listen, share, try again, and use self-control. 
  • Solve problems. We speak with kids and teens about how specific issues affect them at home and school, and we discuss healthy ways to address or solve these problems. 

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