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Celebrating Neurodiversity in Adults

January 14, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Deborah Bloom
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At Thrive Counseling Center, we work with individuals from all different types of backgrounds and upbringings. Our diverse clientele allows us to experience and learn from many unique personalities, and we see everyone’s differences as a reason to rejoice.

We believe in celebrating neurodiversity in the world because it’s healthy for us all to interact with and gain perspective from people who do not think the same as us. We Federal Way counselors benefit from the different insights we experience because of our neurodiverse clients. We believe that you, too, can benefit from learning more about neurodiversity.

What Is a Neurodiverse Person?

A neurodiverse person is an individual living with brain differences that are not considered “typical.” Many medical or social conditions can be regarded as neurodiverse.

Neurodiversity explores the idea that people living with differences in their learning, living, and thinking styles are simply different—not less, disordered, or defective—when compared to the general public. A neurodiverse person may have conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities, or ADHD.

Why Should We Celebrate Neurodiversity?

Most people would probably look at a neurodiverse person and see that person’s “struggles” as “abnormal.” We tend to think that standard brains are the “normal” and that anything that deviates from this standard is strange.

When you intentionally look at people through the lens of neurodiversity, however, you stop seeing their condition as a “struggle” and instead believe that their brain differences are a handful of many variations the human mind is capable of. We should celebrate neurodiversity because it helps us accept that differences in our brains and in how we view the world are normal. This way of thinking teaches us that neurodiverse individuals are just as “typical” as those who are non-neurodiverse. 

How Can Therapists Focus on Celebrating Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a complex concept that is not yet fully understood by the general population. Areas of focus for our Federal Way therapists include helping clients understand neurodiversity, teaching clients to recognize neurodiversity in their own homes and relationships, and offering suggestions on how to interact with neurodiverse people who are very different from ourselves. 

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