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How to Talk to Your Parents about Going into Therapy

February 28, 2022
Posted By: Thrive Counseling Center
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Being a teen or young adult can potentially be a challenging time. At Thrive Counseling Center in Federal Way, our therapists are attuned to the unique needs of individuals moving toward independence and adulthood. You still rely on your parents, yet you have your own thoughts, needs, opinions, and ideas.

You also have your own mental health, and only you know exactly how you are feeling. Here are some tips to help parents get on board with helping you get into counseling.

#1 Plan Ahead and Think about the Points You Wish to Cover

If you are feeling depression or anxiety, or any other changes to your mental health, be specific in your points. Don’t minimize what you are feeling when you ask your parents for help. Mental health is health, and asking for help is such an important step. Mental health can be challenging to talk about, so be brave in your approach.

#2 Write Your Thoughts and Feelings Down So You Can Organize Them

Make a list of all of the changes you have been experiencing. Where do you need support? Teens and young adults are under a lot of pressure, so whether it is bullying or college entry stress contributing to your mental health challenges, be sure to discuss all of them.

#3 Choose a Time When Your Parents Will Be More Receptive and You Have Their Attention

Choosing an appropriate time for a serious conversation is essential. You will want your parents to hear you, so don’t interrupt a phone call, work meeting, or start a conversation while your parent is dedicating their time elsewhere. The dinner table, a long-enough car ride, or calling a family meeting may work better.

#4 Make Logical Comparisons, and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

Your parents want you to succeed! If you were struggling with asthma, a heart condition, or even subjects at school, such as math or chemistry, they would likely get you the help you need for success. If you need mental health support, therapy should be no different. You can also reassure your parents that we offer both online and in-person sessions for busy family schedules.

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