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Lissette (Liz) Berlanga, MS, LMHC

She/Her, They/Them


Location: Virtual Appointments Only

Ages: Adults, LGBTQIA+ Couples

Specializes in: LGBTQIA+ Individuals & Couples, Non-Traditional Relationships, Kink, Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Depression

Language(s): English, Spanish



**Lissette "Liz" is available for telehealth sessions on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays**


“I want to help my clients discover the opportunity, the light in the darkness, the balance, the safe place.  I want my clients to find their 'I am okay.'"


Compassionate Support

Lissette (goes by Liz) creates a safe, and genuinely supportive environment to move through and out of the places you are feeling stuck.  You will immediately feel the warm compassion that Liz emanates.  Being in the room (physically or virtually) with Liz, you just feel like you are with someone who is walking alongside you, supporting you every step of the way.  She is fiercely passionate about her work in helping her clients heal, feel less overwhelmed, and find the place(s) in their lives where they can feel at home.  

As a first-generation Cuban-American, Liz understands the experience of living in the United States with an identified minority status.  Fluent in Spanish, Liz is able to support you if you speak English, or Spanish.  From witnessing the impacts of the cultural experience on her own family’s mental and emotional health to her professional experiences supporting the Latinx community in Florida, Liz is well versed in understanding the unique challenges that come with living within a cultural norm that may not feel like your own.  In her work with the Latinx community, Liz is particularly interested in what your culture means to you.  She has the lense of understanding that some of the ways things like depression or anxiety present are different within cultural contexts.

Support for Adults

With complete non-judgemental acceptance of who you are, Liz will guide you in taking the steps towards healing, and towards managing things when life feels overwhelming.  

If you are experiencing the drowning feelings of depression, or are just feeling like you are struggling with feeling motivated, or excited each day, Liz can help you understand what’s underneath these feelings and can help you learn tools and skills to move towards feeling more in control and in charge of your life.

Similarly, with working with anxiety, Liz wants you to know that while anxiety can be a very normal, natural, and sometimes helpful response, that it can get stuck in overdrive which can feel really overwhelming.  Using cognitive-behavioral approaches, Liz will help you re-evaluate your fears and insecurities so that you can come back to putting your energy into the things in your life that matter and are a priority.  

Liz utilizes a trauma-informed approach to her work with you.  She understands that the imprint of trauma and the impact of tough life experiences can take away your felt sense of control. 

As Liz describes, “When we deny trauma, or when we ignore it, it’s like brushing dirt under the carpet.  The room looks clean, but it starts to smell over time.  We get to go in, figure out where the smell is coming from, and then how to transform it into something that you can live with, and learn from instead of something that you have to hide or be on guard with.  Reprocessing trauma allows you to come back to feeling like you are in charge of your life.”  

Some of the concerns Liz helps her clients with include:

  • Depression or struggles with motivation
  • Anxiety and feelings of being out of control or consistently overwhelmed
  • Struggling with past history of trauma, PTSD, or hard life experiences
  • Feelings of being misunderstood or out of place
  • Surviving and thriving in our world as a Latinx and/or another culturally diverse group
  • LGBTQIA+ specific support

Support for Couples

Liz provides marriage/partnership counseling for heteronormative as well as LGBTQIA couples with traditional relationship structures.  Liz also provides relationship counseling with clients who have more non-traditional relationship structures such as polyamory and other ethically non-monogamous commitments.

Similarly to her approach to her adults, Liz’s genuine felt sense of compassion and support can help guide you in having the hard conversations.  She can guide you through the process of rebuilding your relationship into something that feels more satisfying, connected, and sustainable.  

Some of the areas Liz specifically works on with her relationship clients:

  • Communication challenges

  • Increasing enjoyment of each other

  • Managing expectations within relationships, helping everyone get what they need

  • Resolving old attachment issues that bleed into present relationships

  • Infidelity, or breaks in trust

  • Finding a relationship structure that feels authentic

  • Cross-cultural relationship challenges

Support for Kids, Teens, and Their Families

The one thing you can count on with your kids/teens is that things are always changing.  Transition is the name of the game.  While this can sometimes be refreshing when kids/teens transition from that really tough stage into an easier one, this can also go the other way!  We know that, and work with kids, teens, and their families when the transitions and changes are overwhelming you.  All of you.  With change and transition can come changes in behavior or more acting out.  With teens, we often see anxiety, depression, or self-esteem challenges.

Liz is well versed in working with kids, teens, and the whole family system.  She is well versed in supporting the needs of her kid/teen clients while balancing them with the needs of the entire family.  Her goal in working with her families is to help them rediscover the joy within their relationships with each other.  How frequently we can lose sight of that in the midst of overwhelm?!?

Some of the areas Liz works with include:

  • -Acting out and/or challenging behaviors
  • ADD/ADHD skills and strategies
  • Neurodiverse folks with Autism, Asperger’s, or other neurodevelopmental constellations
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Managing change and transition within the family system (separation, divorce, and/or blended family adjustment)
  • Teens who are figuring out their gender/sexual identity
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