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Carol Pinkerton

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Carol works with:

  • Adults
  • Teenagers


*Carol is offering telehealth sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  For scheduling, please call us**

Support for when life feels stressful and/or overwhelming

Carol has been supporting her clients (adults, teens, families, and children) in various capacities for nearly three decades!

This wealth of experience translates into a therapist who knows how to facilitate change while providing support for deep and sustainable healing and growth. This wealth of experience also translates into a therapist who has walked alongside others who were struggling with many of the same issues you may be struggling with today.  

Carol’s approach to counseling is practical and goal-oriented. Carol will support you in overcoming current obstacles, as well as releasing the patterns that were developed long ago that no longer serve you. She knows that where you come from does not have to define who you are, or where you are going.

Carol is here to help you learn new ways of responding through using new skills and strategies when life gets stressful or overwhelming. With a deeper understanding of how your past influences your present, you can be better equipped to make positive life choices as you move into your future.  

Working with Adults

Some of the areas Carol specializes in with her adult clients include:

- Finding ways to let go of the stuff that is weighing you down: Exploring family dynamics, addressing Childhood trauma, and Complex PTSD;

Anxiety and Depression: Understanding how your past influences your present and learning new Coping Skills;

- Managing work and/or relationship challenges: Learning new skill sets and setting healthy boundaries;

- Developing positive parenting skills: Breaking family cycles and building bonds;

- Personal growth and development: Challenging negative messages and living your truth;

Bereavement and Grief: Healing loss one day at a time.

If you are ready to dive in and do the work, Carol is here and ready to support you in reaching your personal, parental, and relationship goals.  

Working with Teens

In addition to working with adults, Carol has extensive experience working with teens, children and families. Drawing on a systems approach that includes everyone, when appropriate, she will support your family in finding a path for healing, growth, and communication.  Sessions with Carol means you and your children can learn new personal and social skills, while you get the support you want to know exactly how to help them. Through counseling, you can all discover new positive paths in your lives and relationships.  

Some of the areas Carol specializes in providing support with her Teen/Child/Family clients are:

Parenting support for single parents, two-parent families, divorced families, non-traditional, and blended families.

- Getting to the bottom of depression and anxiety.

Anger management/acting out and coping skills.

- Adjusting to transition, both planned and unexpected.

- Family bonding and communication.

Childhood trauma.

Grief and Loss.

Getting the support you deserve

Are you ready to get things going in a better direction?

If you have questions about Carol, or would like more information about her approaches to counseling, please call or email us.  If you are ready to schedule, you can do so by calling, or by clicking this link to go to her online schedule!

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To ensure safety for all during this time, we have transitioned all appointments over to our telehealth platform. You can now schedule your appointment to connect with one of our providers from your home, your work, or wherever you feel most comfortable. Please call us at 206-567-7267, text us at 206-659-1153, or email us to set up an appointment. You don't have to go through this time alone.